Floor Maintenance Tips

How do I care for my new floor?

1. For day to day care the use of a dust mop is sufficient. The new electrostatically charged type you buy at the store work great.

2. If you have a floor that is grooved you may wish to use an electric broom or vacuum which has no beaterbar, or one in which the revolving bar can be disengaged.

3. For kitchens or drips and spills, etc. you can use any brand of floor cleaner found at a flooring store. For ease, we recommend using BonaKemi brand floor cleaner, since you can buy it cheaply at Ace Hardware stores. For extra cleaning, call us, as we can supply a special remover made by Loba finishes, which works wonders, on really dirty floors.

4. You may use water in sparing amounts; just make sure you leave no standing water or beading. Remember, the less water the better.

5. Never use “Murphy’s Oil Soap,” wax or silicone or a product that will leave a residue. Use only those products made by finish manufacturers for polyurethane.

6. If the cleaner or water will not remove a mark from the floor, you may try “DeSolveIt” citrus cleaner. This should not harm the finish and you should not use anything more stringent.

7. You should recoat your floor on an average of 25 years. If you do this you will not have to sand as often. Recoating usually takes no more than a day and renews the wear surface of your floor. The test for recoating is to look in an area which light reflects to see if the surface is dull and/or finely scratched. Do not wait until the scratches have penetrated the finish or you will have to resand to remove the scratches.

8. Keep the felt glides on your table, chairs and furniture in good condition so that you don’t accidentally scratch the floor. Do not use glides, which are Teflon, plastic or metal.

9. Keep a rough walkoff mat outside every door to clean grit and dirt from shoes; Keep a clean rug inside to wipe off water from your shoes.

10. Finally, if you have a water leak….. Stop the leak; Soak up any standing water as soon as possible; Put a fan in the area to whisk away moisture, (heaters will only create humidity); Call us as soon as possible.